In the Spirit of Collegial Inquiry...

Food for Thought

Karl Popper

ShuffleBrain: articles by Paul Pietsch, Ph.D.

A Compendium of Logical Fallacies

Project Renaissance with Win Wenger Ph.D.

The Randi Challenge

Cognitive Sciences Laboratory

Jessica Utts: statistics in parapsychology

Monroe Institute

Frank Tipler: The Physics of Immortality

E.O. Wilson: Back from Chaos

Panorama in Interlingua

Pierre Grimes

Etruscan culture

Vietnamese American Society view with IE.

Dr Amanda Maravelia: Astronomy in Ancient Egypt

P.R. Schwob's Classical MIDI Archives

Mme Jacquet de La Guerre: her music

Brad Leissa's classical music pages

Computer Virus Myths

US Geological Survey: Earth Sciences Information

Resource Links on Mind, Intelligence, and Intellectual Societies

Current Theories on Ability Measurement

Educational Testing

High-Level Intelligence, History, ... and More!

Online Psychological Tests for Self-Awareness

Sister Societies

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