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High-Level Intelligence, History, ... and More!

Uncommonly Difficult IQ Tests, by Darryl Miyaguchi

Bill Bultas' Chimera site: tests and games!

C.M. Langan: On the Meaning and Utility of IEQ

Julia C. Cachia: Why are Standard Tests Preferable?

Ulf Norlinger: ...The Greatest Geniuses

David Slater: William Sidis... the greatest mind?

Intelligence and Brain Myelination

Cor van Dusschoten's IQ-related links

National Association for Gifted Chilren

Wyman's Geniusweb biographical links

Resource Links on Mind, Intelligence, and Intellectual Societies

Current Theories on Ability Measurement

Educational Testing

Online Psychological Tests for Self-Awareness

Food for Thought

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