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Estimated IQ equivalents for qualifying supervised test scores

I.Q.140141142143144 145146147148149
Gen'l Population percentiles:99.599.699.6699.7299.77 99.8199.8599.8899.999.92
Colloquy percentiles: 815284050 5865707579
Otis-Beta135136137138139 140141142143
Wechsler/ WAIS139140141142143 144145146147
Otis-Gamma140141142143144 145146147148149
Stanford-Binet141142143144 145146147148149150
CTMM *(3)141142143144 145146147148149150
Otis-Lennon141142143144 145146147148149150
Cattell Verbal: form III-B160162163165166 168169171172174
Cattell Culture Fair: form 3A3738 39
Cattell Culture Fair: form 3B3940 41
Raven Advanced Progr. Matrices *(2)33 3435
Miller Analogies Test, form K7678798082 8384868788
Miller Analogies Test, form L7779808183 8486878890
Miller Analogies Test, form M8182848586 8889919293
Miller Analogies Test, form R7072737475 7677787981
Miller Analogies Test, form S7577787981 8283848687
Miller Analogies Test, form V8284858688 8991929495
Miller Analogies Test, form W7879808283 8486878890
D48/ D70 Domino40414243 44
BV17110111112113114 115116117118119
US Army AGCT/ GT147148149150152 153154156157158
ACT3233 3435
Scholastic Aptitude Test *(4) 13601380139014001420 14301440146014701480
SAT-I (recentered) 4/95 & later *(4) 14201440146014701490 15101520155015601580
Nat'l Merit NMSQT *(1)135136137138140 141142143144145
PSAT/NMSQT sel. score *(1a)194196198200202 205207209211213
PSAT/NMSQT sel. index *(1b)210212215217219 221223225227229
Graduate Record Exam, Verbal700710720730 740750760770780790
Graduate Record Exam, Quantitative790800810820 830*(6)
Graduate Record Exam, Analytical770780790800
Graduate Record Exam, Quant+Analyt 14701480150015201540 155015701590*(5)

Disclaimer: These tables summarize the present evaluations of scores for Colloquy, based upon the best data available to us as well as reasonable extrapolations from (a) authoritative tables of percentiles 50, 75, 90, 95; (b) widely accepted mean and sd values; (c) attempts to model normal population projections from undergraduate or graduate level test populations. In short, these values are estimates, subject to much debate and occasional revision. Our intent is simply to provide reasonable estimates as a basis of comparison, with full knowledge that while tests of mental ability are reaching for a common g-factor, they in fact present a spectrum of content and method of administration. Individuals are not without a certain range of fluctuation in performance too, so it's advisable to view test results and evaluation with a balanced perspective. Nothing here is intended to "step on the toes" of professionals in the field or psychometric officers of other societies.

*(1) These values are for the original National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test used in the '60s and early '70s. The NMSQT as a separate test was later discontinued in favor of a selection score *(1a) derived from a summation of PSAT scaled scores, the verbal score receiving double weighting. By 1995, a writing sample was incorporated, and the National Merit selection index *(1b) has thereafter been derived as the sum of writing sample, verbal, and math scaled scores.

*(2) Only the 40-minute timed version designated as Raven Advanced Progressive Matrices set II is acceptable for Colloquy. International Mensa's score reports generally list the Cattell IQ equivalent. Colloquy has accepted these scores ranging from 164 to 180. The table above estimates raw score equivalents for tests taken at age twenty. An adjustment has been made for ceiling effects, so these should now closely match the norms employed by Mensa International. For those taking the Raven A.P.M. at ages 30 and above, we need to evaluate the raw score in light of age on date of testing. An important concern with the Raven test is evidence of significant decline in raw scores for ages above fifty. Another form of the Raven test is administered in a supervised "liberally timed" version, as the Standard Progressive Matrices. The 1993 Des Moines standardization indicates that the ceiling of this S.P.M. is probably not above the 99.5 percentile, with an overall raw score mean=19.64 and sd=7.52 applicable for ages 18 through 47.

*(3) California Test of Mental Maturity, to the best of our knowledge, is equivalent to the American Mensa Admission Test on the Mensa score reports of recent years.

*(4) composites of verbal plus math section scaled scores on the Scholastic Aptitude Test ... Beginning April, 1995, the general test has been designated SAT-I and scores have been reported on a recentered scale which returns both subtest means to the vicinity of 500. It's no surprise that the college-bound population of 1995 differs significantly from that of 1941. This table relies mainly upon recentered composite conversions provided at College Board Online.

*(5) composites of quantitative plus analytical section scaled scores ... these offer a fairer evaluation for non-native speakers of English and those whose strongest abilities may manifest in logic and mathematics. It wouldn't do to exclude a potential Feynman!

*(6) GRE general test scores above 800 were issued during the 1970's, though I've only seen them on the quantitative section. After the introduction of the Analytical test, 800 again became the maximum reportable score. A score at or near the test ceiling is best considered indeterminate.

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