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Words of Welcome from Colloquy's Board of Regents

It is an honor for this group to enjoy your participation whether as a qualifying member, or just a friend who finds enjoyment in reading the discussion pages or following links.

Upon receipt of a qualifying supervised score and the formality of acceptance by the members, you become a life member and are eligible to take part in the discussion list. The latter is not obligatory, as it is understandable that some members may be too busy at times for involvement with e-mail from the list.

Initially your name will be added to the subscriber list, so that you will have the option to read and post messages. Check that your posts to the list are addressed to the list itself, in the format:

The server's software accepts messages only from member/subscribers. Should your Internet Service Provider go down, rejecting messages for a sufficient interval, your e-mail address will be transferred to the "Bouncing" list under Members on our eGroups page. If not receiving posts, check there to see if this happened, and let us know ... a resubscribe invitation can be manually sent to you.

Take care in use of your e-mailer's REPLY button to assure that your reply is directed to the list, and not directed only to the individual. Some e-mail software provides the option. Otherwise just change the recipient address to the Colloquy list address given above

Assuming everything got handled correctly, you will receive an automated message with further advice and instructions on posting. If you are going on vacation for awhile, or have any situation where the volume of e-mails might cause a problem, there's no need to unsubscribe. Rather, just change delivery status from "individual e-mail" to "web-only/no mail". We can do it, or you can do it yourself, though you may have needed to go through the free registration process at ... this gives you a control panel for all your eGroups lists. One of the Regents can also fix this for you (listed on bottom of this page). You will receive a copy of each of your posts to the Colloquy list, along with those of all other members. Note also that there is no need to cc to the other members, as they would simply receive your message as a duplicate.

Please refrain from posting attachments (option is turned off) and from the use of lengthy quotations from the earlier posts. Please give attention to assuring that the subject header on your post accurately reflects the message content ... as a basic courtesy to others following the discussions by thread. When you reply, it picks up the subject header of the previous post, so if the topic has changed, please change the subject header to match. Your care in observance will make discussions easier to follow. Colloquy web pages are now located directly on our eGroups site and cover mainlysome of the edited discussions from 1998 and 1999, when the list resided on Arizona StarNet. There are also entire pages of good links on favorite topics.

If you have a home page or relevant links to share, feel free to upoload them to the separate links section available to us on our eGroups pages.

Again, our warmest welcome!

Colloquy Board of Regents:

Steve Heller webmaster

Julia Cachia founder

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